The Creators

Brian Tucker: Mr. Tucker has been an educator for the last seven years. This is his second year with the Engineering Academy as the Academy Coordinator. Prior to becoming the Academy Coordinator, he taught Calculus and Algebra I. He graduated from the University of Texas at Dallas with a Bachelors of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies and the University of Houston with a Masters of Education in Administration and Supervision.   

Tyler Powers: Tyler Powers is the technical lead and is in charge of making sure everything runs efficiently along with Sarmistha. Tyler plans on getting a bachelor in Mechanical Engineering and minoring in some sort of business related field, a Masters in both Materials Engineering and a Masters of Business Administration. He loves taking pictures of nature and loves thinking outside the box.

Sarmistha Sinha: 
Sarmistha is the administrative lead. She will be working with Jaison to manage the team, post monthly reports, and is in charge of any documentation needed for the project. She plans on going to college to study Bio-medical Engineering. During her spare time, you will probably find her dancing or singing.

Kyne Onyenze: Kyne is in charge of public relations and is the communications lead. He hopes to further his education at the collegiate level as he plans to study and major in Computer & Electrical Engineering. Overall, he is a fun guy and you never know what to expect next from him!

Jaison Mathew: Jaison 
will be working with Sarmistha with all of the administrative tasks involved in the project. He plans to major in Computer Engineering. He is a very skinny fellow who loves to eat.

Joel Jacob: Joel
will be working with Jerry to manage all financial aspects of this project. In the future he plans on majoring in petroleum engineering. He is outgoing and organized in all jobs big or small.

Tyler Morris: Tyler is a technical lead in the project. He will help assemble and build and design. Tyler plans on majoring in electrical engineering. He is a perfect blend of intelligent and eccentric.

Jerry George: Jerry is the financial lead for the InvenTeam. Jerry will help the administrative and technical leads communicate with the educator in order to purchase goods and related items to construct our project in due time. If you ask Jerry a question, he will probably tell you everything EXCEPT what you are asking.

Carlo Torres: Carlo will be working with Kyne on communicating with the public about the project and anyone interested in helping the InvenTeam. Carlo is interested in working as a biomedical engineer one day. Carlo has that Old Soul personality that makes anyone around him friendly.