Saturday, February 22, 2014

Mid Grant Technical Review was a Success!!

On Saturday, February 22, 2014 we had our mid review. It was very successful as we had numerous people show up. We also decided on holding another review sometime in April. We received a lot of helpful ideas and feedback from the attendees. Our presentation opened the eyes of many movie-goers as how effective our project really is. We had many members crowd the project table to see how much of the project has been done and received a lot of feedback on how to tweak our project to make it better. They all enjoyed learning about the difference between active and passive glasses, as some attendees did not know there were two types of 3D glasses. We also had a great response to our statistics table and received feedback on how we should obtain some economical feedback on how our project will affect the movie theaters, economy and etc. Overall the mid-review really helped us understand what the people of our community think about our project and what we should do differently for another review and even Eureka Fest. We cannot wait for our next review and we are hoping that we can have more people show up!
From Left-to-Right: Kyne, Jignesh, Carlo, Andrew, William, Abels, Sarmistha, Zachary, Tyler, Joel, Jerry, Zain, & Mr. Tucker