Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Coding Team Meets with Texas Instruments

Left-to-Right: Sarmistha S., David L., Zain C., Trey G., Iraz T.

On Tuesday April 14th, members from our coding team had the opportunity to meet with some Texas Instruments workers, our mentors. They were able to ask questions and get the issues they were having clarified.  At the meeting, the mentors gave us advice such as using a button instead of a computer, using a charger like system instead of using a laptop, using LED lights to indicate high or low loads, as well as figuring out what voltage, current and/or power all the outputs need.  The team has been suggested to create a schematic so the mentors get a better idea on how to help out. They are also insisted on creating a report soon and letting TI know how well the products are working out for them. In addition to the meeting, the team got a tour as well as extra materials!